Weekly Bulletin

10 April Bulletin

Meditation verse: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Heb 11:1

Welcome to Cascade Mountain Bible Church

Think of all the things that we know and believe in that we have never seen. Things like gravity or magnetic fields. We believe because we see their effects. All of us have fallen down, we have used magnets to pick things up, but never have we seen them.

The same is true of our faith. We have not seen God. We have not seen Jesus, yet we have seen life after life changed by faith. We ourselves have experienced the reality of new life in Christ. And because of this we live and speak with confidence.

This trust, this faith extends to events as well. None of us were there when Lincoln was shot, but we trust and believe what we have been told of that event. None of us were there when 300 Spartans took on the Persian empire, but we believe that it occurred. None of us were in Jerusalem but we believe that Jesus rode in on a donkey.

Yes, we are people of faith, everyone is. We differ only in that we believe God’s word. We believe that God, in His great and incomparable love, has given us His word that we might know, love, and trust Him.

 By Grace Through Faith in Christ Alone